Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Posted by: Circe

Heyyyyyyy friends!
The Teenage Eco Warriors have good news!

Our loans on Kiva.org have been completely repaid, so we re-loaned our $250!

we loaned $25-50 to seven people all over the world:
-a mother in Tajikistan who raises cattle,
-a mother of three in Peru who is in clothing sales,
-a cafe owner in Kenya,
-a mother of three in Senegal who is in retail,
-a livestock raiser in Kenya,
-a woman who sells her crafts in Kenya (yay for crafts!)
-and a man in Lebenon who needed more tools for his work

There's more good news!

We're beginning to plan a fundraiser so we can put more money in our kiva account, and donate to other charities!

The fundraiser will include live music from local teen bands who want to help out and a silent auction with crafts we've made

It should be super hip-happenin'!!!