Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Kiva Loans!!

We just loaned a bunch more money to entrepreneurs in developing countries- who are in need, through  This Summer the Teenage Eco Warriors earned $250 in honorariums by creating the Austin Responds wall AND by teaching a Plastic Bag Tu Tu workshop  both at Austin Museum of Art.

                                  Sydney, Alex, Roz and Circe  but wait where is Sadie?
                                          she was being camera shy but we found her !

BTW we highly recommend going to Austin Museum of Art to see some really great art!

What ever money we manage to make, we loan through Kiva. Almost everyone that we loaned to a couple of months ago has paid their loan back so we got to re-loan that money. The Teenage Eco Warriors really like it when we re-loan because we are recycling money!!

All together,with the money earned this summer and the money paid back we had a grand total of $450 to lend to people in need!!!!
This is a run down of who we made small loans to this time:

Beauty Salon


Laïdou Group                $50
8 Entrepreneurs

Food Market

Fruits & Vegetables

Jean De Dieu Iyamuremye           $50
Food Market

Costa Rica
Grocery Store

Pascasie Sekamondo     $50
Clothing Sales

Benkadi Ii Group          $50
10 Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Teen Eco Warriors Gettin' Pretty!

This summer took the Teen Eco Warriors all across the globe. Just in time for school, they convened once again to strut on the cat walk for Keep Austin Beautiful's Recycled Fashion Show at the Austin Museum of Art. Circe Torosian designed four dresses for her collection of adorable, wearable plastic bag dresses and skirts. Allison, Sydney, Amber and Sadie modeled the dresses for the sold out show.

Here's an interview with Austin's the CW.
Check it out!

Here are a few photos of the individual dresses:

All of us!