Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We Thought you would like to know...

Check out more2girls magazine!!!
NOT because we are interviewed in this month's issue and NOT because we make a special video appearance as well...

DO check it out because it is a great online magazine that is fun and inspirational and it happens to be absolutely free! That's right free inspiration, games, music, advice and even recipes. Oh and by signing up they enter you into a draw for a cool Canon
digital video camera!

Click here for their link!

Here what they say on their website:

This is an information age. Your generation of Teen girls is computer and tech savvy, with multimedia skills that rival those of many information arts professionals. This, combined with a heart for making the world a better place, shameless idealism, and boundless energy, makes you a force to be reckoned with. In so much as knowledge is power, your ability to acquire and disseminate information has the potential to be the proverbial lever that moves the world. More2girls Inc wants to help you move it.

More2Girls' mission is to awaken you to a fuller realization and acceptance of your potential power and then to help you to leverage that power to effect positive change in your homes, schools, communities and the world.

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