Saturday, July 24, 2010

Workshop at Austin Museum of Art!

Posted by: Circe!

If you didn't know, the Teenage Eco Warriors care deeply about the children.

That's why we recently participated in a Saturday children's workshop at Austin Museum of Art!

Among other things, we showed people how to make the plastic bag tutu, a signature work of the Teenage Eco Warriors

Here are a few examples!

and some tutus in progress...

and some people got super creative and invented their own fashions using the scraps too!

those are bag scraps on her shoes!

ankle decorations!

another variation on the shoe decoration

We were particularly impressed by the girl above because she is a plastic activist! Her name is Taylor, she is seven years old, and she made a video about the harm that plastic is doing to the Earth!

Here, check it out:

Good job, Taylor!

Well, we saw some pretty awesome things come out of that workshop, and successfully recycled hundreds of bags that would have otherwise been thrown away

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