Thursday, January 22, 2009

Keep Austin Beautiful Event

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We are The Angsty Teenage Eco Warriors and we say go Austin Green Art!

A few months ago, the Angsty Teenage Eco Warriors, along with several other plastic bag crafters, volunteered at the spectacular Austin Green Art booth for the Keep Austin Beautiful Festival. The Austin Green Art booth is made out of plastic bags woven through cyclone fence panels


Check out this booth! We are all trying to fit into the slice of shade.

Veggie burger for volunteers YaY!

The crowd checking out the many plastic bag creations

Zarina! Future angsty warrior we hope!

Under the sweltering sun, we proudly showed off our plastic bag creations, provided information about our organization and Austin Green Art.  We talked with the festival goers about plastic bag pollution and performed endless craft demos for hundreds of curious folks. We quelled our grumbling tummies with piles of veggie burgers generously provided to all volunteers for free.

Here are some pictures from when we nearly succumbed to the unforgiving Texas heat!

Sadie succumbing to the heat while donning her trademark fish hat

Katie on the left, me on the right- melting and the reusable bag give away behind us

Other highlights of this festival were the reusable bag give away by our local grocer and the  Ariel Dance Theater contemporary bag dance complete with incredible bag dress costumes- it was totes a fun time!- emily


Here's a new feature- Emily's poetry corner!

A Poem

 (or heat stroke you decide)

The radiance in my heart flared up like an explosion of plastic bags 


Magically showered upon my welcoming and grateful hands 


The joy was just too much to contain 

My eyes sparkled in sudden realization

 of the wonder 

of the world 

of bags


Their crinkly goodness.

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