Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Their Angsty Mission

Displaying their typical cheekiness, sense of fun and zeal, This small group of high school students, friends since childhood, christened themselves The Angsty Teenage Eco Warriors and committed themselves to using their considerable superpowers for good. They also committed to coerce their friends, by any means possible, to join them.

The concerns of The Angsty Teenage Eco Warriors are humanitarian and environmental issues worldwide. Their twofold mission is to identify and evaluate critical environmental and humanitarian situations and to take action with engaging, effective volunteerism. Secondly, they seek to invoke power of the internet by blogging about their Angsty Teen activism. The ATEW blog is a chronicle of their ideas, actions and outcomes that serves as an interactive template to guide and inspire other small groups of like-minded teens to take action, with the belief that their combined efforts will make a difference in the world. Their blog will chronicle all ATEW projects as well as the efforts of other teens that have been inspired by their example, creating a forum for the exchange and innovation of teen activism ideas. Additionally the blog contains informative how-to’s and comedic craft tutorial videos.

It is their ambition to be continually inspired by their world to make a difference, and to inspire the world through their own “Angsty” brand of humanitarian and ecological activism while encouraging others to do the same.

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The Angsty Teenage Eco Warrior are high school students in Austin, TX at The Liberal Arts and Science Academy, an urban public magnet school that educates sociallyresponsible leaders, problem solvers, and thinkers through a nationally recognized, rigorous, innovative, interdisciplinary curriculum. 

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