Friday, June 11, 2010

Austin Responds!

Posted By: Circe!

SO recently, the Teenage Eco Warriors were invited to share their story and ask for the response of visitors on the Austin Responds wall at Austin Museum of Art. What's that, you say? Well, it's a wall at Austin Museum of Art that a group or individual selected by the museum puts prompts and questions on in any creative way they choose. Then, people who visit the museum can place their responses on a clothesline-like apparatus attached to the wall.

We chose to communicate our message with pictures, string, gems, and a few googly eyes and fake mustaches. We posed a few questions to the public, and mentioned a few light warnings about caring for our environment (If we don't take care of our oceans, the pirates will come back and attack the land people).

The wall was corresponding to the show going on at the museum dealing with themes of consumerism and how much humans consume (the title of the show is Chris Jordan: Running the Numbers).

Here are some pictures of the wall:

This was our main question

And this is someone's awesome response to that question
(Click here for the link)

The whole wall (well, most of it), Circe in her
plastic bag dress, and a responder

Our message to the children

Roz by her dinosaur, and well dressed in her bag tutu

check out our flickr album to see more photos

Coming up next: Children's workshop with plastic bag tutus!

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Neutral Walrus said...

Wow, i have real respect for you guys, what you are doing is great! i feel really passionate about saving the environment and i try my best from the tiny remote island that i live on. but sometimes it feels like we are fighting a losing battle. did you know that the pollution cause by droping one bomb is more than the pollution caused by 100 cars? scary huh? anyway, i love you blog and would also really apriciate it if you check out mine!
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